Custom Brelli Guitars

Pablo Brelli is a musician in his artistic search, learnt by his own, the hard and amazing job to produce his own musical instruments.
In this simple way he became with no other purpose in an authentic luthier. In the course of time and experience, he has became a Master Luthier
Carlos Moreno, former accountant, fond of symphonic rock, tries to get the same skills as his friend Pablo. They join on purpose to start Custom Brelli Guitars.
What is the real idea of a Custom Brelli Guitar?
To begin with, it is a unique and very special piece, although it is repeated basically in design, materials and colors, its preparation and hand made craft coat becomes it in a very different and worthy valuable one.
For good, once and for all, a very particular instrument.
What is the difference in sound?
The use of exotic woods in two of its three pieces.
Body itself is made of Lenga (nothofagus pumillo) whose origin is from Patagonia, it can’t be found anywhere but here. This tree is from the southern mountains area in Los Andes. We can find them in Chubut, Santa Cruz and especially in Tierra del Fuego from where we take the best ones, the ones we use. This is an exotic wood, slightly heavy, hard but no so, whose specific gravity is 0.570 kg. Per cubic decimeter. This wood is sent to wither, that’s the best way to. Then a machine cuts it and finally the definite carving is handmade.
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The fingerboard is made of black Guayacan (caesalpinia macrocarpa), from the northern area in our country, in the south of Bolivia and in the south of Paraguay. This exotic wood is extremely heavy, sturdy and hard; whose specific weight is 1.180 Kg. per cubic decimeter. This wood has a very slow wither process because of its hardness but it is severe controlled in order to get the best results to get control of temperature and humidity so that you can get a special wood humidity, that’s 10 %. Its texture is fine and uniform but with entwined grain, which gives to the instrument sound an exceptional attack and brightness, whose mechanic and physic properties are similar to ebony.
We can find a stronger sound that turns it in unique and balanced wood, completely different than other conventional woods.
The neck of a Custom Brelli Guitar is made of Rock Maple from Canada and U.S.A. It has been introduced in Argentina in the mid 19 th. century, but to be used in urbanistics and ornaments.
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Due to its extraordinary adaptation to the argentine soil in general but in particular the Patagonian one.
A considerable number of trees have been planted and grown in the southern area of our country with highly satisfactory results.
Its grain is lineal, fine texture, hard and not very heavy, whose specific weight is 0.740 Kg. per cubic decimeter.
Hardware Characteristics
Enclosed gear tunning machines.
The nut is made of Argentine cattle bone, giving it an excellent bright and sustained, that´s keeping the sound. They are a piece of craftsmanship, handmade in our workshop, the same as the pickups whose characteristics are:
- Alnico 5 magnets.
- Coiled by hand.
- Calibrated to get the proper position.
- They have an 80% paraffin and 20% bee wax-potting coat.
- Polarity and coiled inverted in the middle pickup.
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These pickups show the difference in our instrument.
The bridge saddle, made in Argentina has a special alloy of stainless steel. That is the reason it has an excellent bright, even more, it gives strength and sustain avoiding its rust and the strings’cut in time, that’s in long run
The circuit is shielded, so it reduces other noise interference.
Frets are made in 18% Nickel Silver.
The 2-way truss rod gives an excellent stability to the neck.
All the Custom Brelli intruments, besides to be perfectly finished, are presented in deluxe hardshell cases, which are handmade manufactured in our workshop.
A Custom Brelli Guitar is not only a deluxe guitar but also an Argentinian one highly manufactured of excellent and exclusive wood. Furthermore Custom Brelli use traditional techniques when elaborate these instruments so that its exquisite sound will last for long.
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